Jon Brunschwig Trumpet Embouchure Problems | Embouchure Exercises and Tips
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Perfect Trumpet Embouchure

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High Note Trumpet

Your trumpet embouchure is your main weapon when it comes to playing screaming high notes. If you've got trumpet embouchure problems you need to fix them immediately. Lucky for you, Jon Brunschwig is finally ready to reveal his fool-proof tips and exercises for embouchure perfection.

If you think you're ready to have your ever-loving mind blown, keep reading to discover Jon's trumpet embouchure development techniques.

Trumpet Embouchure Formation Exercise

The first step to perfect embouchure formation is understanding the physics of the perfect trumpet embouchure. While a fairly detailed understanding of the relation between quantum mechanics and the muscles of the embouchure is ideal, you should be able to form the perfect embouchure for high notes by simply spending a few minutes every day doing the following exercise.

Start by puckering your lips as tightly as possible and blowing air until your embouchure is blown apart. While forming this high notes embouchure think about a garden hose. To get water to shoot out faster you need to restrict the size of the hole at the end of the hose. To play high notes your embouchure formation needs to be just like a garden hose shooting out water so fast that it could blast flesh off a person.

Repeat this exercise until you can't possibly blow out your embouchure formation. Once you achieve this, you should be able to scream out double c's all night!

Common Trumpet Embouchure Problems

There are some pretty common trumpet embouchure problems that plague players of all ages. However, the worst is bleeding embouchure. There is an obvious solution to this embouchure problem: MORE PRESSURE! When you get cut, how do you stop the bleeding? That's right, pressure on the wound. Logically, it follows that more pressure is the key to fixing your bleeding embouchure problems.

To be honest, more pressure is generally the best solution for any and all trumpet embouchure problems. The more pressure you apply, the more your embouchure will be held together... no more floppy weak embouchure! Embouchure problem solved!

Trumpet Embouchure Development Tips

Trumpet embouchure development is simple. Just focus on the formation exercise and apply lots of pressure... ideally 4-6 lbs of force per square inch. If you follow these simple rules you should have no problem developing the perfect embouchure for trumpet!

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